COVID-19 Policy

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Workspace Strategy

Updated Aug 2021

Engine House is COVID-19 SAFE. Our goal is to make all members feel comfortable, safe and confident at our work. Our policy has been created in line with guidelines from the Victorian Government,  Safe Work Australia and Office Space Best Practice.

Face Masks & Physical distancing


Face Masks


It is a requirement that face masks are worn in offices. Members are encouraged to wear a mask in common areas and around others. We understand at times wearing a mask is not practical (at your desk/in a private office). Please apply common sense here.


2m2 per person in common areas


There must be 2m2/person in all common areas (eg. meeting rooms). Both Engine House St Kilda and Balaclava meet this threshold very easily.


We provide clear signage in high traffic areas highlighting our new capacity guidelines (inc. meeting rooms and bathrooms)

Physical distancing in private offices

Up to 25% capacity of the private office can return to work. It is up to each individual company to coordinate and monitor which employees come into the space. This is likely to change as restrictions ease.

Physical distancing in co-working area

It is no longer mandated by the government to provide a minimum 1.5m distance between members. We will still do our best to seat members with as much space as possible.


Our cleaning contractor will be undertaking additional sanitation services in line with Safe Work Australia guidelines:


  • All sprays and cleaning chemicals now have a disinfectant component
  • All major common area touchpoints will be disinfected

Office + Kitchen sanitisation practices

Engine House will now be implementing the following sanitation practices for our members and any guests who enter the space:


  • Mandatory use of hand sanitiser upon entering the building
  • Kitchen
    • We encourage members to bring in their own Tupperware, cutlery and drink bottles for their own food and drink


We will provide disposable plates and cutlery as an additional option for people


Engine House staff members have downloaded the COVID-SAFE app to provide better detection capability at our locations.


Please do not enter space if:

  • You have been in contact with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19
  • You are feeling unwell, have shortness of breath or flu-like symptoms

If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 at Engine House, we will:

  1. Follow our internal policy document and Safe Work Australia protocol
  2. Contact All Members
  3. Conduct deep sanitation clean as per cleaning guidelines
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